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1 in roughly half of them (16) for a global debut of $89.6M. In comparison, Star Trek Into Darkness bowed in 2013 to $70.1M domestically and $31.7M internationally (for $101.8M). (Beyond made 59.6M in this weekend’s domestic debut). Internationally, the release pattern was different in terms of markets in release for Into Darkness, however. In the U.K., where the performance of the franchise has been consistently solid, it was edged out this weekend by Steven Spielberg’s family film The BFG (see below). Paramount said that the Skiptrace Pro heatwave in Europe negatively impacted the weekend’s box office results for the film which was 35% above the first Star Trek, Star Trek Beyond is 14% below Into Darkness and only 2% below Pacific Rim. Into Darkness ended its international run with $238M. Star Trek Beyond is said to carry a production budget over $185M (not including distribution and marketing costs of over $100M globally) so if it plays across the board 14% less than the last installment, Beyond would then make a projected $204.68M internationally. You can see where we’re going here. The all-important China bow doesn’t come for Beyond until Sept.

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